Polish American Congress,
Western New York Division, Inc.

About Us

The Polish American Congress, an “umbrella” organization, is a federation of over 3000 Polish American organizations and clubs, ranging from national fraternal benefit societies, such as the Polish National Alliance, Polish Women’s Alliance, Polish Roman Catholic Union, Polish Falcons and others, including veteran, cultural, professional, religious and social associations, with aggregate membership of over one million. The PAC by-laws also provide for individual membership, as well as associate membership.

With 41 State Divisions and Chapters, the Polish American Congress is represented in 23 states.

The PAC promotes civic, educational and cultural programs designed to further not only the knowledge of Polish history, language and culture, but to stimulate Polish American involvement and accomplishments.

The governing body of the PAC is the Council of National Directors, consisting of directors elected by their respective State Divisions or National Organizations and up to 10 at-large directors elected by the Council. Day to day operations are conducted by the Executive Committee elected by the Council of National Directors for a two year term.

Much of the work of the Council is delegated to Standing Committees: Polish Affairs, American Agenda, Public Affairs, Cultural Affairs, Anti-bigotry, Education Commission, Polish American Heritage Month Committee, Environmental Commission and Youth Committee.